Friday, February 29, 2008

Clockwork Jungle Deadline Is Here

Just one more day to get your submissions in for Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book special issue.

We've had a good crop of submissions, with some really spectacular ones. It's been a great deal of fun seeing all the different approaches to our theme. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far! And if you haven't sent yours in yet: get on it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The art issue is OUT!

Sock Zombie, Sean, Skipper, and I have been busy mailing out copies of the Art Issue this weekend--the last copies will go out in the mail tonight.

In other news, our congrats to Angela Slatter--she's on the short list for the Ditmar in the Best New Talent category. We're huge fans of Angela's dark and twisty stories, and are thrilled to see her starting to get more recognition.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Art Issue Has Arrived!

Three boxes full of lovely copies of the Art Issue were delivered today! The picture does not do justice to how pretty these books are--and seeing them all piled up like that, it's just a mountain of gorgeous art and fiction.

We'll start mailing them out tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a SOCK ZOMBIE. Like a sock monkey, only undeader.

Sean's damn good at gifts.

Sock Zombie is awesome, and I think he's going to become an indispensable source of guidance and support in the days to come.

Radcon Festivities

We got up early this morning (well, early for ME), hopped in the shiny new car, and headed to Washington to attend Radcon. It was a nice drive, though long. Oregon is lovely. We're tired but happy to be here, and looking forward to things getting going tomorrow.

Here's my schedule of Official Activities, if anyone's going to be there:

Friday 3:00: On Line Publishing Options
5:00: Urban Fantasy
Saturday 10:00: Manuscript formatting
11:00: The Anti-hero
2:00 Archetypes: Stereotypes or Required Tool?
4:00 Critical Elements of the FAntasy
6:00 Possum: does it really taste like chicken?
7:00 Markets

And then there's the Small Press party Saturday night, as well as the Small Press room all weekend.

Wow, that Saturday schedule is pretty packed. Should be a lot of fun.

I'm very glad to be able to take a little break to go to Radcon. It's been a chaotic year so far, with illnesses and car disasters and things getting insanely busy at work. We've still got some challenges to get through next week when we get back--I have another round of major dental work, and we still have to deal with Sean's car, and we need to get the Art issue in the mail. But I'm optimistic that things will SETTLE DOWN soon and we'll get some breathing space.

Until then, this is our breathing space, and we're going to enjoy it.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Car Drama

Sean's got a nice post with all the details and lots of pictures; check it out! But the short version is: at about 1:00 in the morning on Wednesday, as we were settling in to go to sleep, someone plowed into my parked car. It's pretty spectacular, in a bad way. The car is totaled; it got shoved right into my neighbor's car, which is pretty messed up, too. The driver was moderately injured and was taken off to the hospital. He's getting cited for driving with a suspended license, and failure to avoid running into shit.

But everything is working out well so far. Of course it's a hassle to deal with everything, but everyone at the insurance company and etc has been really helpful and things have gone smoothly so far.

The fun part, though, is that we chose to obey Mary Robinette's command and buy a Prius. (It is always wise to do what Mary says.) Our rental car is a Prius, so we've been giving it a nice long test drive--that worked out well. I'll go pick it up as soon as I know how much I'm going to get for my old car. I'd really liked not having a car payment--but on the other hand, Oooh! Shiny!

In other news, BIG CONGRATS to Lisa Mantchev, who's sold a pile of novels. Rock on, Lis.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Announcing the Art Issue!

For this issue, the art comes first. We selected art, and then invited some Shimmery favorites to write stories inspired by the images. Our cover image is Penny’s Grave, by award-winning artist John Picacio; we used it as the trigger for a contest at the Liberty Hall Writer’s Workshop. The winning story is Penny Wise, by Kurt Kirchmeier.

Read all about it.

Table of Contents * Author Bios * PreOrders

I love this issue, and I am so pleased to start presenting it to the world.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

January Roundup

In January, Nancy Fulda at Anthology Builder accepted two of my stories: The Minotaur's Rabbit, published in Apex; and Flight, published in Quantum Muse. Nancy particularly liked Flight, a retelling of the Icarus myth. If you're looking for some short pieces to round out your anthology, maybe one of these will suit you!

Rich Horton's 2007 roundup of Shimmer: "On the whole, quite a nice little magazine!", with particular mentions of stories by Amal El-Mohtar, Jeremiah Tolbert, Michael Livingston, James Cambias, and other luminaries.

The Art issue is off to the printers and should be in our hands mid-February. We'll be announcing the TOC and generally starting to make a fuss about it over the next few days - stay tuned!

And, the obligatory month-end goal summary. This year, instead of focusing on any grand goals, I'm focusing on building small habits that will support larger goals. So instead of having a goal of "write a novel," my goal is "develop a habit of writing every day." I had 4 goals to focus on this month--perhaps too many, but whatever.

Goal 1: Read a short story every day. Only missed 3 days; on most days, I read 4 or 5 stories. So I'm calling this one a habit successfully formed, and taking it off the list of things to focus on.

Goal 2: eat vegetables every day. I managed to cram in some vegetables on 19 days, which is a good start--but this one stays on the focus list for February.

Goal 3: exercise daily. Only 14 days of this--so it stays on the list.

Goal 4: write daily. Only 12 days. I've realized that I don't have any strong "start writing" triggers. I mean, I read short stories on my breaks at work and in the bath at night; I know I need to exercise before dinner; but I don't have anything that says "write now." So probably in February I will be experimenting with different triggers. If, say, I condition myself to bang out my words right when I get home from work, there's a better chance of it happening than if it's just an unspecified "sometime" that I end up forgetting about most of the time. We'll see.

Two periods of being sick this month, which sucks; here's hoping February doesn't knock me on my ass as much as January did.

And now, on to February.