Friday, January 30, 2009

Shimmer: Help Wanted

Shimmer will be relaunching soon (just a few weeks!) with a new site design, some new staff, and a fantastic new issue. We need two more staffers to help get things off the ground: a slush reader, and a web assistant.

The slush reader will read an average of 1-2 submissions per day, and either reject them, or forward them for further consideration. I'm looking for someone who can be fast, friendly, and whose approach to stories is somewhat similar to mine. Update: we have a ton of volunteers to sort through now. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest! 

Web assistant: Our site is based on WordPress. Our redesign will be done shortly, and we'll need help moving our current content into the new layout, and maintaining it going forward. No programming or other heavy lifting required--just some skill with WordPress pages and posts. Update: Fast as the internet, we've found a web assistant. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest!

We're an all-volunteer staff, but fun to work with, and I'll buy drinks if we're ever at a con together. If you're interested (or want more information), e-mail beth AT shimmerzine DOT com.


mmrobertson said...

what the hell is Shimmer? and where's my damn Moon Pie? nobody tells me anything anymore.

--uncle morgie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Uncle Morgie,

Shimmer is my magazine! We'll be relaunching shortly--another week or two. send me e-mail sometime! mmmbacon at gmail dot com.

-aunt beth

Anonymous said...

wonderful post..Thanks for sharing it.